Why would you ever hire a property manager?

Can't you just dream of owning multiple properties and having the passive income to do everything that you ever wanted. The reality is that true passive income is really hard to find. Real estate is one of the best investments for passive income if you are not self managing. If you are self managing real estate management is not classified passive but as active income. Active because you have to be very persistent in keeping up with the multiple maintenance request, tenant questions, problems, notices, etc. You can't just sit back and count your revenue. Real estate investments become more passive when you hire a property manager. It's really important for you to hire the right property manager with the right fee structure to keep your investment cash flowing for you.

If you are looking for passive income, long-term rentals can be less of a hassle to manage and can provide you steady income even during the winter months. In many areas short-term rentals always have a slow season whether that be during the winter or summer months. You can always rent your properties out long term during the slow season but its also sufficient work to switch back and forth.

If you are looking for lower but steady consistent income long-term rentals may be your best option.