Hydration is Crucial

Above everything else, Moab locals know it's important to bring water. The number one danger to lost or stranded hikers in Moab is dehydration. Most people take a water bladder with them with another bottle in their pack and then store additional water in their vehicle. With the high temperatures and dry climate your number one concern should be to stay hydrated. Staying hydrate will help stave of heatstroke and allow you to continue to enjoy all that Moab has to offer.

Cell Service is Limited

Most of rural Moab has limited cell service. Plan accordingly by letting friends know where you will be hiking beforehand. Know how to get emergency service if needed and have a plan.

Bring Sunscreen

Getting sunburned early on in your visit can ruin your whole experience. Sunburn can also be a factor in adding to heatstroke and dehydration, not to mention skin cancer. Do yourself a favor and apply sunscreen liberally.

Avoid Flash Floods

During certain times of year flash flooding is common in Moab. During the other times of year it's next to nonexistent. May sure to look at the current weather conditions and plan accordingly.

Be Prepared

Consider bringing a first aid kit, snacks, flashlight, knife, a hat, and other items you may need in a pickle