Utah state law requires that security deposits be kept in a trust account and returned 30 days after move out. The purpose of the security deposit is to get the property back into rent ready condition and square up any tenant owed monies. If the security deposit is used an itemized invoice should be provided to the leaving tenant. In some cases the deposit can be used for prorated rent if the tenant stays longer than expected. There are cases where damage to property exceed the deposit amount. In this case the tenant will be billed for the amount over. In practice, it is usually hard to get the extra damages without some type of legal action.

Deposits will be sent to by mail or ACH transfer minus any repairs or cleaning costs or required on the property or monies owed. Upon move out, we will do a final inspection and if the property does not require any repairs or cleaning we will send the total refundable deposit.

It is illegal to keep the rent because of hard feelings or negative opinions. The money is kept in a trust account because it remains the tenants money until it is used.