A property manager will be able to handle the headache of removing the vehicle when tenants have abandoned it on the property. A good property management company can take the headache out of dealing with abandoned vehicles along with other abandoned properties.

In Utah the landlord isn't allowed to remove a motor vehicle from the property. This is true for any motor vehicle, trailers, off road vehicles, and for manufactured or mobile homes.

The landlord has two options:

  • Have the vehicle towed
  • Ask the police to tow the vehicle as abandoned

If the vehicle is removed by order of a peace officer, the removal is usually at the expense of the owner. If you elect to have the vehicle towed it will depend on the towing company.

Determining if the Vehicle is Abandoned

The vehicle is considered abandoned if either of the options below is met:

  • It's left on a highway for more than 48 hours
  • It's left on a property for more than 7 days with permission of the property owner

Professional property managers will be able to walk you through if these conditions are met. Overall it can be quite a hassle and take a couple weeks to complete the process. Often times there is some paperwork involved in the process.