Long Term Rentals

Cleaning for long term rentals mostly occurs during a tenant transition. In most cases the if the tenant has not done a good enough job cleaning upon move out the property will be cleaned and the price will be deducted from the previous tenant's deposit.

Vacation Rentals

Cleaning for vacation rentals is a very different beast. A cleaning is needed every time a guest leaves the property. Some guests are respectful of the property, but other guest are not. We've had oil and coffee stains on carpets and couches, damage, and missing items happen. Cleaning for nightly rentals is not only much harder, but is very labor and time intensive, not only is the coordinating hard, but it essentially requires the set up of a full management and payroll business structure. There is the possibility of finding a contractor to handle a good portion of the cleaning for your, but often that contractor has limit on what they will do to turn the property around. Often that contractor does not have enough manpower to support cleanings through every day of the week and on holidays. If you want to manage it on your own, go for it. If you want to offload that responsibility to a trusted property management company, then give us a call.