We've all had them.

How do you deal with problem tenants?

The first way to deal with tenants that cause problems is first to realize that they are likely going through a hard time. We all have problems and it's important to remember that it makes things easier for every when you can work things out.

It's important to give people options. If a tenant ask for something that cannot be granted sometimes you can offer some other alternatives for helping to solve their needs.

You have to look at what the tenant is trying to accomplish. Some tenants really are bullies and can walk all over landlords when not given the proper guidelines. If you are experiencing a bully tenant you can (1) hire a property manager to deal with them (2) make sure to give them the proper notices are given and be 100% up to date on the landlord laws for your given state.

The reality is that everyone is human and that housing is a primary need. People can feel personally attacked, even endangered when they are ask to leave for simple reason such that the landlord needs to remodel the property etc. Working towards a solution is always the answer.