Moab real estate has allows been a different animal than surrounding areas. Currently the market is booming. The interest from outside of Moab combined with the low interest rates are combining to keep demand high. There is less supply than demand which is causing Moab home prices to be high. Building requirements, high land prices, and high building costs are combining to keep supply low. New burdensome restrictions from the city and county will combine to keep any short term prices high for the foreseeable future because they'll essentially limit supply.

Moab prices and demand are essentially keeping up with or outperforming the other areas of the state and are definitely outpacing the surrounding areas. Some of these trends will be good for San Juan County as more development will move there instead of Grand County. San Juan County in general has fewer restriction which make development much easier. Unless the market drastically changes or some of the regulations are removed the pace of growth in Moab will continue.

Moab listings tend to stay on the market for much longer than other fast paced areas of Utah, if you list your home expect a longer listing period prior to receiving any offers.