Leases that are ending often revert to month to month. Sometimes it is not in the best interest of the owner to continue the lease for various reasons. In this case it's appropriate to provide 30 day notice that the lease will not be renewing.

Most contracts require 30 day notices to terminate. Utah law only requires 15 days.

We provide move out notice when the decision is made not to renew a lease.

Below is an example of notice that may be provided:

Dear Tenant,

This letter is to inform you we will not be renewing your existing lease. We have a planned move out date of July 31st as the move out deadline. Please contact us If you need to schedule a different move out day.

Written Notice

This letter satisfies the requirement of written notice for lease termination and will take effect at the earliest valid date.

Rent Payment

Rent payment will continue according to your lease through your move out date. Rent will be prorated by the day for move out dates that don’t cover a month period.


Deposits will be sent to you by mail or ACH transfer minus any repairs or cleaning costs required on the property. Upon move out, we will do a final inspection and if the property does not require any repairs or cleaning we will send you the total refundable deposit.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your time.


Hutbud Property Management

Property Manager

Phone: (435) 261-2830