Finding housing in Moab can be difficult. There is a basic economic principle at play a short supply with higher demand. There are a few suggestions that we can provide to finding a place.

Zillow Rentals

There are a small amount of rentals advertised on zillow rentals, but they are usually good quality rentals. It means the owners have taken the time to list through their site and and usually pretty responsive.

The Housing Authority

The housing authority puts out a document called "What's For Rent Wednesday," that generally has a list of five to fifteen places available to rent. This list can be accessed from their website.

Moab Advertiser

The Moab advertiser is a local paper that often has a list of properties up for rent. Most of the information is available online at their website.

Facebook Rentals

Facebook rental listings get a bit of traffic around Moab. You can often find people renting their homes. Some of these people are asking outlandish prices for some of their properties and you'll find some inexperienced landlords here.

Join Some Local Facebook Groups and Network

There are a few Facebook groups that locals use to advertise or list items for rent or sale.

Talk to Local Property Management Companies

There are only a small amount of property management companies that  manage properties in Moab. Give HUTBUD Property Management a call to see if we have any rentals that fit your needs.