Moab has very specific laws about vacation rentals in Moab. If you plan to rent the property as a short term rental it needs to be in a zone or project that allows it to be rented out. We're happy to help if you have a question if your looking at the right properties. Contact me 4352602198 to see if it's allowed. You're not allowed to rent a property short term that is not approved. Short term approval and a business license is required for all nightly rentals in Grand County. Contact us if you need help filling or getting this license.

Make sure and do your due diligence once you have a property picked out. You can require as part of your contract that the seller releases historical numbers on how the property has performed. Make sure your realtor specifies which furnishings come with the property. Not every property will come with the furnishings and these sometimes have to be negotiated outside of the contract.

For additional information you can contact us to get estimates on how your property will perform and rate that we will charge to manage your property. The absolute best thing you can do is to use a good real estate agent and a good property management company to take care of your real estate purchase and manage your property.