The basic cleaning is the most common type of cleaning for overnight accommodations. The goal is to clean fast and efficiently so it can be rented as fast as possible. If it’s a same day cleaning or flip cleaning (when renters are checking out and arriving the same day) it will be cleaned that day. If it’s not a same day cleaning. The goal is to complete it that day, but it is lower priority and may be put off until the next day.

Cleanings are done between the hours of 10 am - 4 pm. In rare cases, cleaning may run past 4 pm.

If issues with quality occur we're happy to send people out the next day to fix any issues.

It’s important to understand that these faster cleanings are not as thorough as other cleaning options. It’s recommended that the unit have a deeper cleaning at least quarterly to address things like: dust accumulation under beds, messes under sinks, or other types of dirt build up.

Laundry may be taken off site and returned on another day or on next cleaning.

In a basic cleaning:

  • Laundry is done as needed
  • Beds are made with clean sheets
  • Bathrooms are cleaned and fresh towels placed
  • Supplies are Placed (shampoo, conditioner, soap and toilet paper)
  • Perishables removed from fridge
  • Garbage removed
  • High traffic areas are vacuumed other areas as needed.
  • Other areas will be cleaned if needed (dishes, kitchen, fridge, floors, etc.)

We place enough shampoo/conditioner, soap, toilet paper, dishwasher pods, dryer sheets, and laundry soap for a day or two stay. If the guest requires more supplies they can pull items from locked storage. Tenant may be charged if all supplies are taken.

Additionally, our cleaners keep an eye out for potential issues. We take note if renters have caused any noticeable damage. If renters are extremely messy, unit may be invoiced for additional hours required to clean. Pictures and a receipt and will may be provided if requested.